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Meet Matt
Patient Story:

Meet Matt

The Journey Begins

After his diagnosis, Matt explored ways to aid his condition and sought to learn more about living with Parkinson’s. He spent years not knowing anyone else who had Parkinson’s, which made navigating his diagnosis challenging.

At first, he was focused on surviving — it wasn’t until later that he realized he could make a positive impact on his own mental wellbeing, as well as the greater Parkinson’s community, by giving back.

Parkylife brings together all of the wonderful stories, hacks and perks from Parky people and highlights the inspiring folk who have achieved great things despite their diagnosis. Ultimately, we want to reach every single person living with Parkinson’s and help them overcome symptoms, feel less isolated and feel happier.

– Matt Eagles

Finding a Passion for Giving Back

Today, Matt recognizes the importance of creating a community and showing the many faces of Parkinson’s to help others cope with their diagnosis — something he does through his passion project, Parkylife. A self-proclaimed “positivity activist,” Matt created Parkylife to foster an all-embracing community that highlights every patient experience through a lens of optimism and humor.

He encourages others living with chronic disease to get involved and give back to their communities as he believes that every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make an impact and give a unique perspective.

In addition to community building and knowledge sharing, Parkylife offers pocket-sized cards — “Parky Cards” – that feature quotes, quips and funny stories from across the Parkinson’s community. Matt’s current ambition is to have the Parky Cards translated to various languages, so that those with Parkinson’s disease around the world can feel a sense of belonging to this positive, diverse community.

Learn more about Matt and his work with Parkylife at

Share Your Story

Words have the power to change lives, which is why we are committed to helping people amplify their impact by sharing their stories.

Are you living with a chronic condition, or a caregiver of someone who is, and:

  • Committed to helping others in your community?
  • Leading a project that makes a positive difference in people`s lives?
  • Willing to share a positive experience about creating change in someone’s life or in a community?

If so, please fill out our story submission form and tell us more. We’ll evaluate story submissions on an ongoing basis and contact individuals whose story fits the Life.Amplified. Inspired by Earl Bakken. program. Please note that not every story submitted will be featured on the website.