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The Importance of Mindfulness

Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken’s commitment to give back to his community is the enduring dream that continues to inspire our work in big and small ways. A key component of realizing that dream is practicing mindfulness.

Practicing Mindfulness

A key component of our wellbeing is mindfulness. It can help us pay attention to and care for our health, relationships and the world around us. It can help us discover our purpose and path to enhanced security while helping us build community.

Mindfulness can be defined as an awareness of one’s present moment experience with curiosity, kindness and a non-judgmental attitude. Mindfulness is also other-oriented, it involves social and environmental awareness. When we are mindful, we are often able to see and respond to others with greater sensitivity and understanding.

Being mindful sounds simple, but building mindful awareness takes practice. The good news is we are born with the capacity to be mindful, and with practice, we can learn to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives — and reap the benefits. Research has shown that mindfulness can help:

  • Alleviate depression, stress and anxiety
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing
  • Ease pain

There are many practices that can support the development of mindfulness, including sitting meditation, movement, or simply being fully present when in nature.

Explore these additional resources about mindfulness and start your practice today.

Practicing mindfulness helps us on our path to being our best self, which allows us to connect with others and give back in a meaningful way. To learn more about how you can start your journey in giving back, sign up for our email updates.

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